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This work is dedicated to academician L.A.Orbeli, collaborator of legendary Ivan Pavlov, his talented entourage. It provides background information about Orbeli family and the destiny of the three Orbeli brothers, leading scientists who have made significant contributions to science and practice. It reminds us about dramatic events which made great harm to research work of our biologists, medical workers and their use of genetics in their country. One can also find some facts of adherence to principles and dedication to science which are useful for young scientists who are facing salvation of anti-crisis problems of global scale.


About the authors

A. E. Astavatsaturov

Don State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
PhD, Professor of Chair of Safety of Life and Environment Defense, Donskoy State Technical University Address: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, Gagarin square, 1; Tel.: (863) 273-87-46 Russian Federation


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