Mind and heart in scientific research

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The article presents the opinions of prominent native and foreign scientists about the psychology of scientific creativity, the role of interest, love, and almost always, even a passion to the subject of research. Not all scientists discuss this topic, but when we get acquainted with the available information, we become convinced that great scientific achievements are created only by people who are in love with their work. Pushkin’s words are confirmed: «Inspiration is needed in geometry, as in poetry». In the topic under discussion, a special place is occupied by the work of Donat Semenovich Sarkisov. Firstly, because of the structure of his mind, he turned out to be especially susceptible to rapidly forthcoming and developing methodological achievements into the theory and practice of medicine of the twentieth century. Electron microscopy, light and electron autoradiography, cyto- and immunochemistry became the technical basis for D.S. Sarkisov’s theory of intracellular regeneration. His specialty: pathologist, general pathologist, general morphologist, happily coincided with the variety of scientific and clinical topics of the Institute of Surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky of the Soviet years. Patriotism, love of science, widespread social activity, and the post of Scientific Secretary of the RAMS contributed to the implementation of the achievements of the mind and heart of Donat Semenovich in the practice of domestic medicine. A unique event in science — the discovery (officially recognized) of the law of philosophy, of course, he applied to understand and describe the history of Russia. A lot of «heart» was spent by the patriot D. S. Sarkisov on this understanding and description!

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Aleksandr A. Paltsyn

Institute Of General Pathology And Pathophysiology; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

Author for correspondence.
Email: lrrp@mail.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9686-8995
SPIN-code: 6667-6791

Russian Federation, 8, Baltiyskaya st., Moscow, 125315; 2/1, Barrikadnaya st., Moscow, 125993

PhD in Biology, Professor, leading research associate


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