by Francene Frayer (20.10.2020)

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The human body needs a  StrictionD Review  certain amount of sugar, but not the massive amounts some tend to consume. As food is digested some of it eventually ends up in the blood stream. The pancreas (gland) manufactures insulin, which metabolizes sugar and starches into glucose. This substance is the fuel that keeps our engine running. Glucose provides energy to the cells of our muscles and other body tissues. This is a normal bodily function, but excessive amounts of glucose cause one of two different problems: the pancreas shuts down insulin production when it is severely overloaded with sugar (Type 1 diabetes). And sometimes the pancreas doesn't manufacture as much insulin as is needed or the body cells simply refuse to accept the metabolized sugar (Type 2 diabetes). Pre-diabetes is a condition when the blood/glucose is above normal, and if left unchecked, will develop into chronic diabetes. Ever since this condition was identified, medical science's answer was to experiment with different drugs and to supply injections of insulin to handle the sugar overload. Both these steps are merely treating the symptoms of diabetes-not the cause. Exciting advances have been made in the study of diabetics. What is becoming quite clear is that if the individual reduces the sources of sugar and starches (that are transformed into sugar), blood sugar/blood glucose will return to normal.

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