Meridian Health Protocol

by Rosaria Wetzell (01.10.2020)

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Therapists who take a humanist Meridian Health Protocol Review approach, on the other hand, try to understand the patient's reality, rather than trying to force the patient into their own reality. Humanistic therapy is more a process of discovery, in which the patient and therapist seek to understand the person as a whole, and to understand what works and what doesn't work. No effort is made to necessarily fit you into "the norm," which can suppress radical and creative points of view; instead, the goal is for you to understand who you are, and to find your own way of being in the world that works well for you. Often when I tell people that they need to breathe when they are challenged in life, they think I am being silly. After all, breathing is an essential part of living and everyone is breathing. The problem is most people are not conscious of the stress relieving benefits of the simple act of conscious breathing. Now, I am not asking people to take up exercises such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi as I am no expert in this area (but if you feel drawn to, you should for these exercises have positive proven track records). I am merely suggesting that one be conscious of breathing as a way to oxygenate one's brains rapidly to facilitating clearer thinking. And this can be easily done at the office or at home. When we are stressed, our muscles are contracted from our face, neck, shoulders to our chest and trunk. This makes it virtually impossible for one to breathe in deeply as the body is not allowing it. But if one is conscious of this, one can immediately focus on relaxing the body and take in deep breaths right into the lungs and expand one's muscles all over the upper body. This immediately sends a 'new batch' of oxygen into one's bloodstream and into one's brains to allow one to think more clearly and to allow one to clear the confusion or the build up of negative thoughts. Often times, the solution to problems is right before one's eyes. The failure to see is simply due to confusion, build up of negativity and too much focus on the problem rather than the solution.

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