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Cenforce 100 helps to increase the amount of blood in the penis as well as decreases the retention of blood in the penis. These pills have also gained a good reputation across the globe due to their efficacy in treating sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. The efficacy of the medicine has been tested on thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and it has proved its positive effects. The success rate is high in the trial conducted on these tablets. Even though erectile dysfunction affects millions of men around the world, it is still a fairly new discovery that the effectiveness of Cenforce 100mg tablets can help to cure erectile dysfunction. If you are planning to buy this amazing medicine, you will be happy to know that there are no unwanted side effects of the medicine. It is also a completely safe drug. But, just like any other kind of medicine that is available in the market, you should take care of few things before taking this medicine. You should consult your doctor before buying Cenforce-100. There are many advantages if you use this medicine along with Viagra. The two medicines complement each other and you will get the best possible result. One of the important advantages is that this medicine allows faster and efficient recovery. Erectile dysfunction usually occurs when you cannot achieve sufficient stiffness in your penis or you cannot sustain the erection for more than 4 hours. With Cenforce 100 mg tablet, you can reduce the severity of your condition. This medicine helps you stay hard for more than 4 hours without any complaints.

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