Uncompromised Life

by Rosaria Wetzell (10.10.2020)

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Practice visualization to Uncompromised Life Review  master any sports you play. If you play baseball and want to master hitting ground balls, picture yourself swinging a bat over the top of a baseball. Have you ever done a review of your life at various stages? For example, during childhood time, if you could remember, what were you thinking of most of the time? How about when you were a teenager, what kind of lifestyle were you living. Was it a typical teenage life? Were you happy? What were you thinking most of the time when you were pursuing paper qualifications such as diploma, degree or even master? Were you very totally focus on completing to be the top student? What was the first thing in your mind when graduation was approaching? Was looking for a good paying job in your top list? Very opposite to that, some will plan for long vacation to various hot destinations. Were you one of them? The day you started work, what were your priorities? Was climbing the corporate ladder a natural thing for you? At the same time, you hope that your pension scheme could ensure a wonderful retirement for you. You felt that the government could do more to help your financial situation. Do these start to ring a bell? Look at the peers around you. Do these apply to them? The important question is, were you living such life? You only live once. So the message that I would like to deliver across is that we should make full use of our time to start doing something very meaningful. It is like leaving behind a legacy. When you look back at your achievements, you would give a well-deserving pat on your back and say, "Great job!" When he tendered his resignation, his boss pleaded with him to stay but he refused. Then his boss having failed to persuade him to stay; his boss begged him to do one last job for him to which he consented.


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