Joint Relief 911

by Francene Frayer (22.10.2020)

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Qigong uses hand postures  Joint Relief 911 Review  to deal with many situations. Pain can be reduced by placing your right hand palm down on your chest, over your heart. The left hand is placed palm down with the mound at the base of the thumb on your belly button. Place your hands gently there is no need to press. This hand posture completes a heart circuit. Allow yourself to breathe gently and deeply down to the bottom of the lungs. The breath should remain relaxed and not forced. Gently allow the length of your inhalation and exhalation to comfortably lengthen to an equal duration as this will assist in increasing oxygenation to the body and creating deeper relaxation. Keep your awareness or focus on the breathing and observe the pain or discomfort melting away. Energy may follow any path especially when we add mental focus or concentration. If you focus on the pain it will remain or perhaps increase. To reduce pain and discomfort take your awareness toward your breathing, imagine a happy time in your life, a time when you were healthy with no pain, a time when you were happy, imagine the pain dissolving and the area full of good energy. This can be done while sitting, standing or laying. If you find going off to sleep difficult then try this Qigong technique. Do not do while operating machinery. This is not a replacement for prescribed medication from your doctor. A sufferer of chronic pain may also experience disproportionate pain responses when involved in what appear to be minor injuries. Perhaps you just hit your hand against the edge of the table and the level of pain is extraordinary compared to the slight knock against the table. This level of pain is created by the overwhelming number of pain messages that have been sent to the brain over time.

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