Trim 14

by Rosaria Wetzell (14.10.2020)

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So, to anyone who is at that Trim 14 Review crossroad where we ask ourselves; do I start yet another diet or do I let nature take its course? First of all, it is highly unlikely nature had anything to do with your weight problem. Your body is as much a victim as you are. The one answer I can give you with certainty: You do not want to go on another diet. They do not work, ever! They break nature's rules and sooner or later the weight will be back. Each time the weight returns, it will bring an extra bonus, more weight. There was a time when diets were rare, when people knew what foods to eat because their parents and grandparents had taught them, They in turn had learned it from their parents. People were in tune with their body and knew what it needed. That would be eons ago right? Well, no! Just thirty to forty years. Parents still control what their children eat, but they are guided by the experts. The foods being recommended are not what your body wants. They are voodoo science by self proclaimed experts, who defy logic and ignore evidence that people get fat when they eat the wrong food. They even blame the victims. We, the dieters don't listen to the experts, we don't eat the foods they recommend, we have no will power, we eat all the bad foods etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is not the Dieters. The problem is the Diet. You see, we DO listen and we DO try to stay on those diets. The fact is our body will not allow us to change our digestive system. I find it utterly amazing that it has been left to an amateur like me to discover a cure. But I am sure a permanent cure for weight problems is not what the diet industry has longed for. Be warned; there are many vested interests involved in what ends up on your food plate. So, yes; I did discover a way to cure my weight problem, permanently, without diets and without counting calories. The most important thing about it is that It Is Not a Diet. Not only will you finally be happy with your body, but so will Nature.

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