Eagle Eye 911

by Francene Frayer (14.10.2020)

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Nevertheless, the fact is that  Eagle Eye 911  the lenses are colored by adding silicon, manganese and some other nonferrous metals, or by dyeing directly. Therefore, they are incapable to prevent any harmful rays and such an ability for depends on special coating coated on the lenses. What's more, Colored eyeglasses are fashionable and attractive, but they are not for everyone. Usually, bright colored lenses may distort vision of the wearers, so drivers and some other people who has to work inside doors often should be careful to choose colored eyeglasses, so do teenagers, especially those at the age below 8. Moreover, one should choose the color for his or her prescription glasses scientifically. If the color for prescription glasses are too deep, in order to see object clearly, pupils of eyes would get dilated. As a result, more ultraviolet, infrared rays and other harmful lights would get into eyes. Consequently, red, pink, blue and purple glasses are not recommendable, while yellow, green, grey and coffee ones could reduce such harm in some degree. Professional eye doctors remind all the eyeglass wearers that colored prescription eyeglasses are different from sunglasses, for one has to wear them most of the time. Then when buying eyeglasses, one should never pay attention to the appearance only. Functions are actually more important, because they are closely related to the eye health. Remember and tell every friend around that never get perplexed by the color of prescription glasses. And children should buy glasses under the guidance of their parents. Color contact lens can be used by people to change their looks completely but many people may still not be aware of how they work. The following article will shed some light on that.



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