Cardio Clear 7

by Francene Frayer (13.10.2020)

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FDA Monitors Medicare Medical  Cardio Clear 7 Review Records for Drug Safety In 2008, new rules gave FDA researchers access to data from the Medicare Part D prescription drug program to enable the agency to more closely monitor drug safety. Previously, the FDA had only relied on health providers and patients to report adverse drug reactions. Now, the FDA can query the Medicare database of health information on millions of disabled Medicare beneficiaries, and seniors to actively look for adverse drug reactions. This test pilot monitoring program was just the first step, and the FDA intends to expand its monitoring to other databases in order to identify adverse drug reactions more quickly. In addition to Medicare Part D, there are other plans that help pay for the cost of seniors' prescriptions. Medicare Advantage plans are a popular alternative to original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans can include prescription drug coverage, and may offer more benefits and lower co-payments than Medicare Part A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans are health plan options (like an HMO or PPO) that are approved by Medicare, and offered by private companies. These plans are part of Medicare, and are sometimes called Part C or MA Plans. Medicare pays a fixed amount for your care every month to the companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans, and these companies must follow the rules that Medicare establishes. Medicare Advantage Plans provide your Medicare health coverage, and usually your Medicare drug coverage.

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