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by Rosaria Wetzell (21.10.2020)

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Here's where the Apo E genotypes come in.Cardio Clear 7 Review  They determine what happens to the different types of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that you eat. For example, if you have the Apo E 4 gene-either the 4/4, 4/2 combination or the 4/3-and eat a lot of fat, the likelihood of inflammation in your arteries is higher. To a lesser extent, arterial inflammation occurs with the Apo E 2 gene-either the 2/2 or the 2/3 combination. Each genotype has both an ideal kind and combination of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for arterial health-and hence heart health-so knowing the right balance for your particular genotype is crucial. The Good News: HDL2b While the various components of the LDL pot carry cholesterol out to your cells, HDL carries the surplus back to the liver where it is recycled. In this way, HDL provides our body with a natural artery-cleaning service. You simply cannot have too much of this good type of cholesterol, and later we will see how the Apo E Gene Diet and exercise program can cause even more HDL to be produced. In my experience, the Apo E 2 and the Apo E 3 genotypes tend to have higher levels of HDL, especially HDL2b. So how does HDL2b relate to artery disease? If you have too much bad LDL and not enough good HDL, especially HDL2b, your body can't clean its arteries properly, and the cholesterol accumulates and causes them to narrow-and thus begins cardiovascular disease. It lowers blood "thickness"-a tendency to clot inappropriately-and it is a powerful antioxidant that stops molecular damage to the vascular system. Having levels of HDL2b greater than 20 percent for men and 30 percent for women contributes to optimum artery health. To achieve these levels I advise patients to first be tested for HDL2b because despite high HDL levels, I often see very low HDL2b levels. Unless your HDL2b levels are normal or above, your ability to clean your arteries is hindered. It's important to know that not all advanced cholesterol-testing methods are the same-some can be off by as much as 40 percent-leading to the wrong treatment plan. Once you know your true levels you can make any necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. Cardiovascular disease accounts for the number one (heart attack) and number three (stroke) causes of death in the United States.

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