by Rosaria Wetzell (29.09.2020)

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Have you heard of the glycemic index? Maybe <a href="">StrictionD </a> you have been using it to eat healthier already. The glycemic index is not just some "Johnny come lately" diet fad thing. It is a well-researched, medically sound, scientific informational index, based on how carbohydrates work in your body. If you are tired of fad diets, or just can't seem to lose weight, this may be just what you need. As we talked about in previous issues, insulin resistance is a big factor in weight gain and preventing weight loss. The glycemic index will help you decrease insulin resistance or help keep you from becoming insulin resistant. Your blood sugar will stay at a more even keel when following a healthy diet using the glycemic index. When you have elevated insulin levels for extended periods of time, all kinds of conditions can occur. Weight gain is a big one. It is the major cause of type 2 diabetes. Elevated insulin levels can also be responsible for impaired kidney function, high LDL cholesterol, inflammation, thickening artery walls, and a deficiency in the mineral magnesium. There are many more issues caused by high insulin levels than listed here. When you have deficient amounts of magnesium, you have less energy, which can lead to overeating or binge eating. Inadequate amounts of magnesium can also lead to high blood pressure, muscle cramps, and constricting of the blood vessels. A diet featuring low-glycemic foods will decrease your levels of insulin and enhance your levels of magnesium. When using the glycemic index based diet, you will have so many positive benefits. The main one is that you won't be starving yourself. You will feel more "satisfied" eating the low-glycemic way. An increase in energy is always a welcome feeling. You will feel that energy boost. You can finally overcome that late-afternoon energy crash. Mental alertness increases and a "feel-good" feeling increases.

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