Dracula’s Memory

by Reta retamasten Masten (23.10.2020)

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Its incidence, the number of new occurrences of Dracula’s Memory schizophrenia in a given population over a period of time is almost the same in each race, in differing socioeconomic environments and geographical regions, except the urbanites, among them the number of new occurrences is higher than among others.The suffering caused by schizophrenia could become unbearable. The amount of suicide attempts among them might be up to 50%, and 10% of latter actually kill themselves.The generally accepted view about schizophrenia makes strong connection with drug consumption, family dysfunctions, social problems like homelessness, crimes etc. Since effective medication is not available out there, the disorder is labeled as one of the heaviest burden on the modern societies worldwide, as the forth most frequent agent causing reduced capacity to work. All of the economic burdens generated by the disorder override the social effects of the cancers.As any mental disorder schizophrenia is bonded to several well known misconceptions in the past and present as well. But the truth is most of the schizophrenic people are not under demonic influences, not drinkers or junkers and never run foul of the law. Since their thinking and behaving patterns are so different than that of the ordinary people, the latter are often considering them as menace who threaten the peace and order of their communities or even the whole society. That was the accusation when the Nazis killed around 100,000 civilians, considering them the psychiatric, that is: schizophrenic.


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