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by maya justin (12.08.2021)

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A date is a very important opportunity to meet someone, although it will not be to know them deeply of course, but it is a good moment where first impressions are taken and these, even if we deny it, count a lot, and even more if they are with romantic intentions.

Women are flirtatious by nature, but these tips on specific beauty routines can go a long way toward showing off on a date and feeling more confident about yourself.

Beauty routines for your first date

Taking care of beauty details is very important, from hygiene to clothing. A good perfume, hydrated skin and clean and neat hair are basic elements that must always be maintained. With the intention that you look beautiful, we explain step by step these 5 beauty routines that you must do before a date.

  1. Radiant skin

The first thing a person sees when meeting or meeting another is their face, which is why proper skin care is of utmost importance. To make the most of your natural beauty, you need to hydrate and exfoliate your face. The day before your appointment, do a light exfoliation with coffee. You will need the coffee grounds and a few drops of coconut oil. With moistened skin (both your face and your body) apply the mixture directly to the skin with gentle circular movements, then leave it on for 15 minutes and remove with warm water.

The exfoliation should be done after daily cleansing of your skin, and preferably at night. Once this therapy is finished, apply the moisturizing cream that you normally use, and on your face you can use any moisturizing and nourishing mask. On the day of the appointment you will have a bright and full of life skin.

  1. Hair removal

Whether or not you wear a skirt on the day of your appointment, it is important to keep hairy areas under control. Try to shave one or two days before the appointment, as many times the shaved area becomes irritated and red. If you normally shave, do it the same way the day before, to avoid making your skin look weak and sensitive. Always, once you finish waxing or shaving, apply some essential oil on your skin, such as almond or coconut, and gently massage the areas until the oil completely penetrates. Then apply the moisturizer or moisturizer that you use regularly all over your body. Shaved and well hydrated legs will make you look healthy and beautiful.

  1. Hair care

A woman's hair says a lot about her personality and way of being, including her health. This is why keeping your hair healthy and hydrated is so important. If your hair is straight or you usually wear it straightened, 1 day before the appointment, try to wash and hydrate it. Put a homemade mask or nourishing cream bath (can be homemade or commercial) on your hair for 30 minutes.

On the day of the appointment, style or straighten it to your liking. If your hair is curly, you can wash and moisturize it on the same day as your appointment (but a few hours before), because curly hair tends to get a more exotic shape just after washing, and it tends to lose its natural shape within days. Use a styling cream that controls the volume and style it regularly, but with special intention of highlighting those curls. Avoid doing extravagant hairstyles and instead opt for a more natural hairstyle. This is much more attractive.

  1. Makeup

While natural beauty is perfect, framing and highlighting that beauty with a little makeup doesn't hurt. Make up one or two hours before the appointment (depending on how long it takes you to get ready), try to use a subtle makeup, not flashy. Avoid extravagances, since you can send the wrong message of your image, it is always better to look natural but careful.

  1. The outfit

It is well known that most women take time to get dressed. To avoid being late for your date, choose the possible outfits the night before. Create outfits that perfectly reflect your personality, and that enhance your beauty and natural attributes. Choose a look that is consistent with you and the place where they will be. The accessories must be complementary, not the protagonists. Don't forget to put on some perfume.

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