Keto Slender Weight loss-Does chicory affect blood pressure?

by fiona basil (21.07.2021)

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Chicory is a type of plant native to Europe commonly known as: radicheta or endive. For the treatment of the liver, it is convenient to know all the elements that determine the use of a plant such as chicory.

Chicory is a type of plant native to Europe commonly known as: radicheta or endive. Its cultivation is generally achieved in Germany, Spain, Belgium and France, although it has also been able to spread to Africa, Asia, Oceania and America.

For this reason, it is common today to see, in addition to their natural state, this type of plant in the form of grains and also in a type of root to make infusions.

Chicory has a bitter taste, its flowers are bluish and it has serrated leaves. It is common to find them in salad preparations. Therefore, the way in which these types of plants can be consumed is very diverse.

Chicory properties

Chicory contains many properties, among them the following can be highlighted: vitamins of group B, calcium, potassium, provitamin A and magnesium. In addition, they have carbohydrates and water within their composition, which characterizes this type of species as an element that contains high energy value.

Regarding the root and leaves of this plant, there are tannins, intibin, insulin and lactulopicrin; These have an antioxidant function and help the secretion of gastric juices as well as stimulation regarding the correct function of the gallbladder.

On the other hand, it has abundant beta carotene, which greatly benefit the eyes, skin, mucous membranes and hair.

Among the properties that can be highlighted in chicory, is its power to help the manufacture of enzymes found in the liver, thus improving the function of sex hormones and the adrenal glands.

Chicory to treat the liver

When it comes to the liver, it is necessary to have proper treatment if it comes from the natural field. It is remarkable to know that this organ develops the vital metabolic processes of the whole organism; among the functions to be highlighted are: elimination of toxic substances, helps digestion and stores energy.

That is why having an optimal treatment will keep this essential organ in the human body in good condition. In this sense, chicory counts as one of the key elements for this, since it helps to cleanse both the liver and the gallbladder. In this way, it is possible to prevent the formation of gallstones and liver

In addition, a cup of infusion on an empty stomach can activate bowel movements and be able to treat constipation effectively.

Counterproductive effects

There are some contraindications that are important to take into account when deciding to include this chicory plant for the treatment of discomfort in the body. Among them we can highlight the following that we mention:

  • People who suffer from gastroduodenal ulcer. Due to the bitter taste of the chicory plant, it is not recommended in people with these types of health complications.
  • People who suffer from heartburn. The bitter taste of the chicory plant is not recommended to be consumed in people with this characteristic, since this plant stimulates the generation of gastric acids, which would be a problem for acidity.
  • People who suffer from gallstones. The use of this plant is not recommended for people who have this health condition, since they contain elements that help the production of bile.
  • People with hypotension. Those people who suffer from hypotension or are medicated for this type of disease, should not consume this plant. This, because the components in chicory can cause pressure levels to rise.
  • Pregnant women. In the case of pregnant women, the use of these plants is not recommended, since they contain a factor that stimulates the uterus, which can cause its interruption.
  • People with insomnia. They should use the chicory plant with great caution, it has because it has a stimulating effect. For this reason, it is considered not to use it before sleeping.

Finally, for the treatment of the liver, it is convenient to know all the elements that determine the use of a plant such as chicory. In this way, all the properties that it promotes in the body can be taken into account, for the care not only of the liver but other organs and systems of the body.

Furthermore, contraindications are also important aspects, because they establish the conditions in which this type of plant should not be implemented, despite the great advantages of its components.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that this type of information is handled, to achieve the proper use of a natural treatment for the body.

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