21-Day Flat Belly Fix-3 nutritional recommendations that will improve your clinical analysis

by fiona basil (16.03.2021)

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If you want to improve your health and the results of your clinical tests, stabilize the results of your tests and switch to a healthier diet, just follow these simple recommendations that are basic.

How to improve your clinical analysis

When we want to make a change in eating habits, we tend to pay more attention to the number of calories, we pay more attention to what we are going to eat and if that food can lead to diabetes, to raise cholesterol or triglycerides. Really, the only thing you would have to do is learn to choose the foods you will eat.

1.- Always choose foods that are fresh

These contain skilled enzymes instead of dead enzymes that lose their effectiveness when exposed to temperatures above 50º C. Enzymes are a key element in our health, especially in our digestion, they allow all the substances to be digested and used to the maximum. nutrients that we ingest.

Select more raw foods (60%) and less cooked foods for your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

2.- Processed, denatured and packaged foods, avoid them, they are not healthy

Currently, the food industry uses more than 3,000 chemicals, among which, many of them are harmful to the immune system. You will have to start looking at the labels of the products you buy.

3.- Consume according to digestive chemical laws

By learning to follow these digestive chemical laws you will be contributing to your health in the best way, remember that having a healthy digestion, your body is healthy.

Protein and starch

This is a very harmful combination of foods. In this combination, the acidic and alkaline digestive juices mix in the stomach and are neutralized, producing indigestion and therefore putrefaction, which is responsible for the production of stinking gases and toxic waste, the waste includes poisons such as indoles, skatoles, hydrogen sulfate, phenylpropylene acid and others. Examples with this combination: Sandwiches, cakes, hamburgers, meat with potatoes, pies (with ice cream).

Protein and protein

Different proteins have different digestive requirements. The strongest enzymatic action occurs in milk at the last minute, in meat first thing in the morning, and in eggs in the middle. For example: Cake and milk shake, carnitas and melted cheese, chili peppers filled with meat or cheese coated in egg, hamburger and malted milk.

Starch and acid

Any acid suspends the secretion of ptyalin, the alkaline digester, this is a biochemical fact. Then the bacteria ferment the starches. For example: Toast or cereal with citrus juice.

Protein and acids

Any acid inhibits the secretion of hydrochloric acid, and the protein-digesting enzyme pepsin only works in the presence of this acid. For example: Eggs with orange juice. Seafood marinated in lemon.

Starch and sugar

The fermentation of sugar produces acidity, which inhibits the digestion of starches that require an alkaline medium for their digestion. As a result of all this, the bacteria ferment the starches. Example: Cakes, sweet bread, pastries and cookies with any kind of sugary carbonated soft drinks.

Suggestions for breakfast

  • Fruits, preferably of a single kind and enough not to be hungry. It can be in its natural state or in juices.
  • If you want to combine them, try to combine sweet fruits, such as papaya, mangoes, apple, banana, pear, mamey, parsimonios, figs.
  • Or acidic ones like kiwis, oranges, limes, grapefruits, pineapple, tangerines.
  • There are semi-acidic fruits that can be combined with both, such as strawberries, guavas, peaches, grapes, green mangoes, and apricots.
  • Melons, as well as watermelon, are eaten alone, they cannot be combined with each other, or with any other fruit.
  • Mid-morning, if desired, you can drink a 30% beet juice with 60% carrot and 10% celery, or 50% cucumber with 50% radish, or 10% celery with 50% cucumber and 40% jicama. And don't forget to drink the juice of 3 lemons every day.

Suggestions for food

In this diet, raw vegetable salads will be the most important and will preferably be dressed with extra virgin olive oil and will greatly help improve your health and the results of your clinical tests.

Brown rice with vegetables. 1 avocado daily, prepared to taste. Grain broths, such as beans, lima beans, lentils, wheat, chickpea, with vegetables. Panela cheese (white without fat), fresh cheese, cottage cheese or yoghurt. Saucepan of vegetables or steamed vegetables, ensuring that they are not overcooked, but rather crispy. Corn tortillas (2 or 3) or whole wheat bread (organic whole wheat - 1 or 2 slices). Season salads and / or steamed vegetables with cold-extracted first-class extra virgin olive oil and lemon or balsamic or apple vinegar. A glass of red wine is acceptable.

Choose a maximum of three times a week between steamed or grilled chicken or fish or a cut of lean beef in palm-sized portions not including fingers and finger thickness prepared in the oven or iron, seasoned to taste but never fried. The cholesterol content per 100 Gr of roast meat is: Res 54 Mg; Pork 79 Mg; Chicken Breast 85 Mg. Take note that chicken breast is one of the foods highest in cholesterol.

Suggestions for dinner

Try to have dinner before 8 at night and preferably something light such as fruit or salad.

Try to drink a glass per hour of water between meals, stop drinking half an hour before eating and an hour and a half after eating. It can be lemonade with parsley, sweetened with brown sugar molasses or inadulterated or denatured bee honey. Fruit tepaches, or herbal teas as use water.

The foods to avoid are: dairy products (pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized or homogenized milk, cream, cream, processed cheeses), coffee, chocolate (cocoa), nicotine, alcohol, denatured animal products (sausages), industrialized products, refined sugars, refined flours and bleached, self-prescribed or entertaining medicated drugs, refined salt, hydrogenated oils, overheated or fried oils, bottled soft drinks, deli meats.


Don't be surprised by the use of marketing language like "natural", "enriched", "light", etc.

Your body is a chemical plant that works with water, it takes between two and three litres of water for it to function efficiently, water deficiency is responsible for approximately 80% of chronic discomforts.

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