Arctic Blast -Do muscle stimulators work for weight loss?

by maya justin (12.03.2021)

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The abdominal area is one of the parts of the body that most resists physical changes and diets. Despite the fact that a balanced diet and sports practice are the two best complements to obtain a steel tablet, the electrostimulator is one of the accessories that helps the most to work the abdomen area to achieve that much desired "six pack".

If you want to start using this type of muscle toning equipment, you should know that its intensity is adjustable according to the level of each user, includes predetermined toning training programs and is compatible and adaptable to any abdomen, both male and female.

If you have already got down to work and have decided to improve your physique with diet and exercise, we recommend that you include the Slendertone ABS 8 stimulation belt in your routine to achieve better results in the abdominal area.

Slendertone ABS 8 - Abdominal toning belt

Abs exercises are one of the most hated to practice. In addition to being uncomfortable to perform and highly injurious to the neck and back, the abdominal area has always been a difficult muscle group to tone and mark.

This Slendertone ABS 8 abdominal toning belt ensures results after four weeks of use. Its design and technology have been created to tone and highlight the abdominals in both men's and women's bodies. It has an ergonomic design and adaptable to the curves of the body for better results.

Performance and results

Its operation is based on EMS (muscular electrostimulation) technology, a simple and effective method with which to contract the muscles of the body through small discharges of electrical current. The muscles work in a natural way as if the impulses were sent by the nervous system of our body. With each contraction, muscle toning is assured and the results will not take long to become visible.

Start it from the start button located in the lower left corner of the belt and increase or decrease the intensity or choose one of its personalized programs as you wish.

The manufacturer tells us that after four weeks of use with 5 sessions of 30 minutes per week we can enjoy excellent results in the abdominal area.

At home we are all very happy. My husband is delighted. Since he does sports, he uses it in the high programs (there are 10 in total) and I have not passed from level 4-5 yet but it is already beginning to notice more firmness

The device, in addition to a discreet, slim, comfortable and adjustable design to anybody, has up to 100 intensity levels and 10 active programs to use at any time of the day, while you are at home resting or while you go for a walk. Being small and discreet you will not have to worry about the belt being marked under clothing.

Slendertone ABS 8 is wireless and includes a certificate that ensures it meets quality, safety and technology standards.

In short, this small device has been clinically proven to reduce abdominal size in approximately eight weeks of use, increase endurance and strength in four weeks of all muscles of the abdomen (external and internal obliques, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis). It is a device that fits wonderfully into our exercise routine and is the perfect complement to a healthy and balanced diet. You will be surprised by the results.

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Arctic Blast

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