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by sherly sylvia (09.03.2021)

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The maca has an origin in the Andean region from where it originates and where it occurs for thousands of years. Maca is used in many sports supplements for its beneficial properties to improve physical performance and provide extra energy to the body.

Its effects on improving physical and mental performance were one of the main benefits observed. In addition, maca increases fertility and provides more vitality.

This is not only very useful in the Peruvian highlands, but it is also increasingly important for western countries, prone to stress and a very hectic pace of life.

Maca benefits

Many studies have studied the maca root to know the benefits of this root in the body, the result of these studies has shown that consumption for an average of 15 days in competition athletes such as cyclists has been very appropriate to improve performance physical.

The antioxidant properties present in maca and its leaves, contain anthocyanins and flavonoids that help counteract free radicals (those responsible for causing the body to overload) by cancelling their effects, helping to improve physical performance.

Also, the favorable effects of maca help combat tiredness and fatigue in a very significant way, increasing physical performance.

How to consume maca

Maca can be consumed in powder, in capsules or as a maca extract, in any of its presentations, we will always recommend those that are healthier alternatives.

For example, in the case of capsules, they should be used with more care than consuming maca powder, but it is also advisable to consult a specialist before starting any natural treatment.

Maca helps in physical performance

We know that food, or as in this case the maca root, by themselves cannot work miracles and cannot provide the body with large amounts of energy if we eat a diet of harmful foods or we have not been able to adapt our body to a pace that allows you to perform with more energy.

If you consume maca root a few times a day, in small amounts, it can help improve performance on an intellectual level as well, since, as we mentioned before, it also helps reduce stress significantly. Also, as a result this helps to improve the symptoms of fatigue.

The way of use or consumption of maca can be done in many ways, it can be added to meals, used as capsules or used in drinks such as a smoothie where you can add healthy ingredients such as bananas, natural yogurt and add a tablespoon of maca powder.

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