Steel Bite Pro Supplement - What are the five most common food handling mistakes?

by sherly sylvia (19.05.2021)

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There are many mistakes in the kitchen that put the health of the people who are going to eat the food you prepare at risk. With these tips you will avoid them.

When cooking we have to take into account that there are pathogenic microorganisms that can enter our body through poorly handled food.

There are several things that all kitchens must take into account so as not to make the typical mistakes in the kitchen that put health at risk and thus avoid that a pleasant dinner ends up becoming an always unwanted visit to the hospital.

Mistakes in the kitchen that put diners' health at risk

Do not wash your hands before starting to work in the kitchen

This is something quite obvious, it turns out that not everyone does. With this simple gesture we avoid many chances of being contaminated by pathogens. Wash your hands when you start and every time you return to the kitchen if you are doing other things in between. In addition, we will give our guests a better impression if they see us responsible with hygiene.

Not properly saving the meals you are going to eat the next day

It is very common to leave things out of the fridge from one day to the next. For example, you make a meal that you have left over and, since you are going to eat it tomorrow, you leave it on the counter. Even if you have space problems you should not do this in any case. At room temperature and for so many hours it is very possible for microorganisms to multiply at dizzying speeds. Store food in the fridge, even for a few hours, and always covered or in a container.

Refrigerate raw food alongside cooked food

Another of the big mistakes we make, also due to lack of space, is to keep foods that are raw with other cooked foods in the fridge, causing them to touch and, therefore, become contaminated. Cooked foods are already clean of microorganisms and if they are touched with any raw food, they can become contaminated again, and since we are not going to cook them again, we will not eliminate these new dangerous pathogens. Keep in mind that to eliminate microorganisms the food must reach minimum safe temperatures, and when reheating these foods, we do not reach these high temperatures that allow the pathogens to be eliminated.

Hygiene, care and common sense

There are many more things that we must prevent but in general with hygiene and common sense we will avoid greater evils. We make many mistakes in the kitchen that put diners' health at risk and most of them can be solved with the advice we give you in this article.

You can get infections and illnesses that can affect your teeth, gums, and tongue. Some oral infections are more serious than others. But arming yourself with the knowledge of these common mouth infections, their causes, and typical signs can help you prevent them.

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