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by sherly sylvia (18.05.2021)

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A new installment of a healthy diet menu with which this year you will finally be able to change your eating habits.

Contrary to what many people think, eating healthier does not mean or imply eating more boring. On the contrary, in most cases, eating healthier means having a more varied, colorful diet with more flavors.

Because, in case someone hasn't found out yet, it's about time they knew that there is a lot of gastronomic life beyond the breaded steak with french fries.

Healthy diet menu:

And so that you can see that everything is much easier and that menus can be prepared with easy, cheap, balanced recipes and, most importantly, that they are rich, we leave you a few options every day so that you can choose from.

First course

In winter, seasonal vegetable soups are a must. They can be made to take advantage of the remains of the refrigerator or the offers of the supermarket. Without adding pasta or rice that will be overhydrated, vegetable soups keep well for several days in the fridge.

For those who have a taste for the spoon and only like to handle themselves with the fork, a similar option but without broth would be the seasonal vegetable stew.

And we finish the list of first courses with our healthy vegan proposal.

Second course

Yesterday we started with fish and today we are going to continue with low-fat white meats such as chicken and turkey. For starters, an ultra-easy recipe that can be made in the microwave and that will be perfect both after the soup and if we serve it with the stew as a garnish.

Preparing this stuffed chicken breast is child's play in the microwave.

The good thing about stews is that you can serve them to your liking, with more or less broth and then eat them with a spoon or a fork, as you like best.

As a second course and vegan main, our proposal today is the now famous oatmeal and tofu meatballs.


We say it and science says it too, when it comes to dessert, fruit is the best.

But for those who find the afternoon sad if they don't finish their meal with a small sweet bite, such as this homemade egg custard, which has neither sugar nor lactose.

And to drink ... Land of White Gold

As I know we are in the middle of January, my recommendation today is a good and cheap wine. For those of you who don't know it, Tierra de Oro is the white brand of El Corte Inglés wines that has some highly recommended references for very affordable prices.

This white wine is an Albariño produced by the Bodegas Condes de Albarei for El Corte Inglés and has a remarkable quality, for a price that does not reach 4 euros. Less than half or even a third of that of other wines in its category.

On the nose, the aromas of white fruits and flowers typical of the Albariño grape are well appreciated. In the mouth, the citric nuances are also noticeable, which make it a wine that is very fresh if served at the ideal temperature (11 - 13 ºC).

Perfect accompaniment to vegetable dishes, fish, white meat, rice dishes, pasta dishes, seafood, egg-based dishes, soft cheeses, sausages and cold cuts.

High blood pressure can be fatal and hence it is important to know how to keep it under control. Hypertension is a blood pressure reading above 140/90 mmHg. Such a high reading puts one at risk for a number of serious health conditions, including stroke and heart disease.

Blood Pressure 911 supplement


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