Striction BP Advanced Formula - Will stretch marks disappear?

by Arvin juliana (11.10.2021)

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Did you lose weight? Take care of stretch marks with these 5 tips. When losing weight, there are usually some defects on the skin, including the appearance of the famous stretch marks, whether they are white or red stretch marks, but thanks to these tips you can find a way to avoid them.

When the fibers of the skin break, the appearance of stretch marks is almost inevitable, especially when losing weight. The levels of collagen, elastin and reticulin that make up the dermis are reduced or altered for many reasons, including weight loss, and this contributes to the appearance of these lesions that appear as lines in the breasts, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, ankles and knees.

How to take care of stretch marks?

Dehydration, hormonal changes, pregnancy, poor elasticity and malnutrition also play a role, but there are ways to avoid them. When they are drawn on the body it is difficult to erase them, so pay attention to these tips and make prevention your best ally. Do not be careless. Although harmless and painless, stretch marks alter the appearance of your skin. You don't want to look like a zebra.

Moisturize the skin

Hydration is one of the beauty rituals that you cannot abandon. A good cream for stretch marks after bathing will prevent the tearing of the skin fibers and, therefore, the loss of elasticity. Although creams alone are beneficial, it doesn't hurt to reinforce the routine with a little oil. For example, almond and coconut oil will not only soften, but will leave a pleasant aroma on your body.

The importance of diet to avoid stretch marks

To diet you don't have to starve yourself. The best diet is one that contains everything but the right portions and healthy foods for your body. Yes, it is true, there are conditions that warrant suppressing or changing some food, but only the doctor will be able to tell you if this is your case or not. There are methods to lose weight that cause a rebound effect, which considerably damages the condition of the skin. When you have reached your ideal weight, try to maintain it. That constant gaining weight and weight loss is the main cause of skin tightening. Extremes are not good and stretch marks are the main consequence.

Drink lots of fluids

You will be tired of hearing it, but you should drink enough fluids during the day. Two liters is recommended. Alternate water, infusions and natural juices, preferably without sugar. Do not forget to eat fruits, vegetables and fish. These foods contain vitamins and nutrients that prevent stretch marks.

Using oils for the skin

There are cosmetics and oils that help to take care of stretch marks. Rosehip oil and aloe vera are two infallible remedies for the treatment and prevention of this skin condition. There are also aesthetic treatments that, although they do not disappear, can attenuate them. As lazy as you have unmarked skin, do exercises. This will help you tone and strengthen the fibers of the skin.

Vitamin E, in capsule or as a complement to a cream, is essential because it hydrates the skin and prevents stretch marks when the body experiences weight changes.

Blood pressure is the force that moves blood through our circulatory system. It is an important force because oxygen and nutrients would not be pushed around our circulatory system to nourish tissues and organs without blood pressure. Blood pressure is also vital because it delivers white blood cells and antibodies for immunity, and hormones such as insulin.

Striction BP Advanced Formula


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