How to Mix Humor into your Essay 

by Mason Scott (08.09.2022)

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Do you want to make your essays humorous but don’t know how to do it?

Humor is an integral part of your everyday life and interactions. You poke your colleague of being late to work, ask a police officer to let go of your ticket, or talking to your friend about anything. Everything includes humor and comedy.

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The importance of humor cannot be denied. Students now prefer writing in an informal style and adding humor to their essays to make people read their work. It is actually a very smart move.

Are you new to the concept but highly intrigued to use it in your essay? Follow the guide and professionally add the right kind of humor to your essay.

The purpose of humor is not to make you a comedian but something that will make your writing good.

  1. The “K” Rule:

It might sound strange to you but the words with the sound of “K” are considered funny.  The “K” rule is frequently used by comedy writers.

This rule is good in convention for naming things and choosing words that subconsciously or subtly cheer your readers.

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  1. The Rule of Three:


To make an idea funny, what is usually done is to create a pattern and then totally misdirect your readers with a punchline. One simple way of doing this is to pair two similar ideas and then add a third conflicting idea.


  1. Comparison Joke:

Putting a comparison joke in your essay is considered funny. To make a comparison joke, just brainstorm metaphors and pick the funniest one that suits your point. For example telling how hard it is for a drug addict to quit taking drugs, think of all the tough things like flossing your cat, getting a cat to tell you how its day was, etc, and choose the funniest one like quitting drugs for an addict is as hard as cat telling about her day while flossing her teeth. provides fast and affordable essay solutions to students from across the world, including the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada (CA).

  1. Cliché Jokes:

You can add humor and fun to your writing by adding funny phrases that are already known to your readers. For example, saying “pots calling…” everybody knows the last sentence “…the kettles back”.

  1. Funny Stories and Anecdotes:

We mostly laugh at real-life funny incidents and when they are presented exaggeratedly. Quote your experiences or made up funny stories to add humor.

Keep in mind that the above things should be mixed well so that will make sense for you as well as for your readers. Only the relevant jokes will make your writing funny yet impressive.

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