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What should be in the conclusion of the abstract

Usually the conclusion does not introduce any new material, does not add anything to what has already been said. It serves to generalize and systematize - in the conclusion you just need to correctly write the conclusion of the abstract.

In a good abstract, each chapter ends with a mini-conclusion. From the guides by write my papers service we know that making the conclusions made in the chapters of the abstract into a single coherent text is the writing of the conclusion.

The easiest way is to copy the existing findings from, but this is not quite the correct approach. It is more intelligent to rewrite them a little differently, providing logical transitions. At the same time, you need to choose only the main thing, without getting carried away with "water" - the volume of the conclusion should be relatively small (in the abstract, it usually takes 1-2 pages).

If the text considered the views of different scientific trends on the discussion topic, it is appropriate to express your opinion in the introduction (which of the points of view seems to be more reasonable and why).

How to draw up a conclusion in an abstract

The design of the abstract as a whole determines the design of the conclusion:

  • In the conclusion, the same font is used as in other parts of the work (the most common is Times New Roman, size 14). The font color is black.
  • The same paragraph parameters are applied (the standard is one and a half line spacing, the indentation of the red line is 1.25 centimeters, without indents before and after the paragraph).
  • In conclusion, it is undesirable to use illustrations and tables, it is better to do with pure text (it is possible to use lists - bulleted or numbered - if there is an enumeration).

The heading of the conclusion in the abstract can be drawn up according to the pattern used in the design of the title of the introduction, chapters of the abstract, and the list of references. The heading can be centered on the line (more common) or with paragraph indentation recommends writers. The title can be highlighted in capital letters: CONCLUSION. Bold, italic, or underlining is not recommended.


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