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What Is Semenax®?

Semenax® enhances the overall function of your reproductive system, improving the health of your semen and the quality of your erections. It’s a great fit for men who want to increase their ejaculate volume and experience more intense orgasms. Using high quality, all-natural ingredients, Semenax® helps give your sex life a boost while enhancing the overall sexual experience of you and your partner.

This powerful, effective formula has been on the market for ten years and has helped thousands of men achieve their desired sexual experience. Semenax® increases the intensity and duration of your climax with great efficiency. If you’re looking for a way to improve your fertility health or just want a better sex life, Semenax® can help.

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Does Semenax Work

Good IconSemenax contains a great selection of ingredients based on a rather long standing and proven history of Chinese medicine.

The manufacturer of Semenax has squeezed in a wide variety of ingredients and although I think some of them are perhaps included in too smaller quantity (hence likely not have that much of an impact in terms of results if they were individually taken), a lot of the ingredients work in harmony to produce the same end result.

It’s disappointing to not see a more up to date formulation that includes Bioperine (which would ultimately increase absorption rates) however thanks to 4 capsules per serving they really are trying to cram in a lot compared to the competition.


Volume Pills Review

Volume pills are a form of male enhancement pill that aim to increase sperm volume. Well, in addition to making you a more fertile and productive man, there are a number of other reasons. Many men also find it much more satisfying to ejaculate a large load compared to a weak one.

Furthermore, a lot of women report being more satisfied when their men ejaculate large amounts since they believe that this proves that their man is attracted to them. The bottom line is that your sperm count has nothing to do with how turned on you are. It’s a matter of fertility. If you’re infertile, you’ll have fewer sperm or lower-quality sperm.

This is why women find more massive ejaculations attractive: they’re biologically hardwired to appreciate a highly fertile man. So how do volume pills go about increasing your sperm count? They do this by the use of their powerful formula, which uses several natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients have been used for thousands of years in medicine systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Do Volume Pills work?

Based on our testing, interviews with customers, and analysis of clinical studies, we conclude that Volume Pills do work for many men. Specifically, they can significantly increase a man’s semen volume as well as improve sperm motility, sperm count, sexual function, and libido.

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It also seems that Volume Pills are generally safe when taken as directed, though they are likely not suitable for everyone, particularly men with certain underlying health conditions like cardiovascular disease or psychiatric disorders; you should consult with your doctor to be sure there are no potential risks for you.



It’s effortless to use this product. You take your dosage of 2 tablets each day, preferably with a meal. The most important thing when it comes to taking these male enhancement pills is consistency. You want to make sure that you take your recommended dosage every single day. As we have previously mentioned, the real results come after just a month of using the product.

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