metabolically healthy obesity

by Daryl Reid (07.11.2022)

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Currently, there is a great deal of interest in so-called "metabolically healthy obesity." More than fifty percent of people with a lengthy history of obesity are devoid of any carbohydrate metabolism abnormalities slope unblocked. Unfortunately, the physiological reasons behind a good metabolic profile in these individuals are insufficiently understood. Evaluation of the degree of insulin resistance (IR), the amount of insulin production by pancreatic -cells, and the contribution of both mechanisms to the maintenance of normal carbohydrate metabolism in individuals with a protracted history of obesity. Methods: An observational cross-sectional comparative case-control research without blinding was conducted. Patients with a lengthy history of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) who did not have abnormalities of carbohydrate metabolism were included in the research.

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