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The aim of investigation is to reveal dependence of indicators of a phagocytes-macrophageal link and cytokine regulation at the operated patients with malignant new growths from a way of anesthesia. 274 patients with a gastroenteric cancer which was exposed to radical operative interventions with use of various ways of anesthesia (total intravenous, inhalation and intravenous-epidural) are surveyed. Existence of dependence of indicators of a phagocytes link of immunity and cytokine regulation from a way of surgical anesthesia at oncological patients is revealed. Most the imbalance of the studied phagocytes and cytokine mechanisms was shown at total intravenous, in the smallest – at combined intravenous epidural anesthesia that serves one of factors for the recommendation of its priority use in oncosurgical practice.


About the authors

S. Z. Tanatarov

Semey Medical University, Republic of Kazakhstan

Author for correspondence.
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head Of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Regional Oncology Clinic, Semey; Assistant Lecturer, Chair Of Anesthesiology And Resuscitation, State Medical University, Semey Address: 014700, Kazakhstan Republic, Semey, Kulzhanova str. 3; Tel.: (7222) 77-44-18 Russian Federation

M. I. Neunmark

Altay State Medical University, Barnaul, Russian Federation

PhD, Professor, Head of a Chair of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Altay State Medical University Address: 656039, Barnaul, Lenin avenue, 40; Tel.: (3852) 36-88-48, Fax: (3852) 36-60-91 Russian Federation

R. K. Zhakupov

Medical University of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

PhD, Professor, Head of a Chair of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation #1, Medical University, Astana Address: 010000, Astana, Beybytshylyk avenue, 49A; Tel.: (7172) 53-94-24, Fax: (7172) 53-94-53 Russian Federation


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