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Compare Janome HD3000 with Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Have you ever wondered what does “HD” mean? And what sorts of sewing machines are we comparing today?

Here are the answers. “HD” stands for Heavy-duty, accordingly, we will review two heavy-duty sewing models of Janome in this article, HD3000 vs. HD1000.

Janome is a world-class manufacturer that provides the market with plenty of masterpieces, in which HD3000 and HD1000 are the top-ranked machines. Let's compare and review them now!

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Best Comprehensive Heavy-duty Sewing Machine: Janome HD3000

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The HD3000 by Janome is one of the top heavy-duty sewing machines of 2019 at its price point. This one is an upgraded version of Janome HD1000. Pay 50 bucks more, you can get a professional item that beats all your desired projects.

The HD3000 has many excellent features such as 18 inbuilt stitches, 860 SPM of sewing speed, Auto-needle threading, 1-step auto buttonhole, Reverse-stitching lever, Free arm, Thread tension adjustment, Flexible stitch length, Adjustable foot presser.

What's more, it comes with a hardcover for storage, a solid metal frame, and a warranty of 25 years.

More specifically

Too many stitches are sometimes redundant because you will rarely use some of them. That's why Janome HD3000 is the best choice for beginners. It will still accomplish all of your projects on both light and heavy fabrics.

Besides, you will get 25 years of warranty to protect your machine. It can even be your last sewing product in your life.

Furthermore, Janome HD3000 is also good at quilting no matter how big the project is. With an effective feed dog, you will find it easy when quilting.

We think that it is the best sewing machine for beginners or home sewers. It is the most comprehensive sewing machine for home use that does all sewing jobs flawlessly.

To conclude, the HD3000 has many advantages including automatic and adjustable features, many stitches, good warranty, ability to stitch multi-layers of the garment and quilt.

However, there is no stitch for decoration in this machine.

Best Heavy-duty Sewing Machine At Mid-range: Janome HD1000

Janome HD1000 is a bit heavy with a weight of 20 pounds, but in return, it handles well all large projects. More importantly, this one will break your bank account due to its reasonable price.

There are some highlights from this machine's features: 14 inbuilt stitches, 840 SPM of stitching speed, a feed dog, a solid aluminum construction, a drop feed mechanism.

Like Janome HD3000, it also has a free arm, an auto needle threading system, a 1-step auto buttonhole, flexible stitch length, and a 25-year warranty.

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

More particularly,

We also love the features, stitch quality, and sewing speed that this machine provides. Interestingly, the HD1000 runs without making a loud noise. With the frame made of aluminum, this product can keep running for decades.

This machine will handle everything you feed it. We tested it with leather and denim, the result made us surprise because it successfully got through those thick fabrics.

That's why this is the best heavy duty sewing machine for leather that we recommend that you should use.

Within 300 bucks, Janome HD1000 is a piece of kit you should buy.

To summarize, the HD1000 comes with a lot of excellent features at its price range. It is also suitable for quilting.

Otherwise, it doesn't have many stitch selection.

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