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Keeping track of the word count of your essay papers is crucial because sometimes the professors are quite rigid about maintaining the word count. This prompts many students to use word counter tools to save time.

But even without using these tools, you can keep the word count in check. To accomplish this, you need to follow some handy tips straight from the academic experts from paper writing help services online.

1. Rewrite the essay introduction and conclusion
The one section in your essay where you can increase word count is your introduction and your conclusion. Read through the introduction and see if you can include two more sentences to make the introductory section more detailed, suggest write my essay online. 
Also, skim through the conclusion for any part when where an extra sentence or two might be needed. It can be a short, powerful final sentence at the end of your conclusion to round off the essay. This is how professional essay writers also increase the word count of essays.

2. Clarify the statements you’ve presented
Read your essay thoroughly and check any statements that seem too lengthy or vague. Break these long sentences apart into multiple sentences. Then, maintain clarity in the ideas you’ve shared in each sentence to help increase your word count. You can use an apa referencing generator tool to keep tabs on the length of your essay.
You can add follow up statements so your ideas come across as specific and well-rounded in the paper.

3. Share different perspective on a topic
You can increase the word count of your essay by adding in perspectives that are different from your own. This could be a contradictory perspective on your topic or an idea that's slightly different from your own.
Incorporating multiple perspectives will help you make your essay stronger and help you reach the required assignment help services online.

4. Elaborate on your existing quotes
Another way to increase the word count of your essay is to expand on any quotes or references you’ve already used in your paper. Go through the quotes you have already included in the essay. Think about what more you can add of the quote or other quotes from the text to support your idea of taking assignment help of an expert.
You can also replace your existing quotes with other quotes that are longer or more relevant to your topic. This can make your essay stand out and help you stretch your essay.

Use these ideas to keep the word count in your essays in check.

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