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Essential Pressing Tips to Nail Every Sewing Project

If you are an expert sewer, then you must have understood the value of ironing and how it can bring finishing to your work. If you are a beginner and still looking for tips to nail every project by ironing, then we are here with essential tips for you. Now you can iron any of the projects to make it look like a commercial one.

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Essential Tips For Pressing

A Pressing Cloth:

As a sewer, you may have to sew lots of material of different nature, and then you have to apply heat to them accordingly. Most of the time we iron the garment from the backside to make the seams and edges crispier, but if you are ironing from the front use a press cloth. Press cloth will deliver appropriate heat to the garment, and it can also prevent the delicate fabric from damage.

Ironing While Stitching:

Never wait for a whole garment to stitch as it will be too late to press the corner that requires constant pressing. You can follow the pattern and keep ironing the stubborn sides of clothing to make it look clean in the end. Keep the ironing table near your sewing machine, so you don’t have to move from one place to another in the whole room.

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Texture Type:

Before you use iron on the garment, make sure that you know the texture and direction of the garment. At the time of cutting or stitching the garment, you can check the pattern, and then you have to sew the fabric in the same way. If the texture of the fabric is sensitive, then adjust the indicator of iron accordingly and maintain that temperature throughout the project. 

Test Scrap:

If your iron is way too hot or you are scared that iron will leave the marks on your garment, then always check the temperature on a scrap of the same garment. If the plate is smooth, then you can use it on the garment, but if the iron is sticky, then you can press cloth, or you can also wait for the iron to cool down at the moderate temperature.

Light Steam:

If you are not willing to take any risk as a beginner and you are thinking of using light steam to remove the wrinkles, then try this idea and move forward with low temperature. When you are working on linen, then this tip can do wonders, and you will be able to handle the garment with ease.

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Ironing has the potential to make or break the project. After ironing, don’t forget to clean it and remove any residue stick at the plate as it can change the finishing and texture of your next project. If you know how to do the proper ironing, then you can nail every project coming your way and can bring neatness in your stitching.

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