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Is the Spirit Level more Accurate than a Laser Level?

The spirit level is often compared to the laser level when it comes to handling several applications, hence it is important to compare them in terms of accuracy, these two laser devices before you make your final decision on the top rated laser levels or spirit levels. Perhaps the first step is to be specific about what you want to do; are you installing tiles? Are you installing chair railings inside your dining room?  Are you installing power receptacles inside a newly constructed home? Once you determine what you want the laser device, you can then decide whether the spirit level or laser level is the most appropriate option.

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How to Use the Spirit Level 

Spirit levels do have 2 laser lines on their sets, and inside their vials. When the bubble is located inside the pair, the object of focus is automatically leveled. The typical accuracy is around ¼” per every foot and this accuracy is recorded mostly for applications such as measuring slopes for waste-lines sidewalks and gutter jobs. Just like laser levels, the spirit levels must be calibrated professional to achieve the best result. You need to set the spirit level on a flat surface and then check the position of the bubble within and should be at the same level as the object in focus

How Accurate is the Spirit Level and Laser Level?

A spirit level is considered the most basic of the laser devices for handling diverse applications, it is quite less than self leveling cross line laser in design and accuracy. It comprises a bubble located inside a liquid-filled vial. There are several technologically advanced options that will give you a visual representation of a plumb line located on the surface when measuring. Laser level devices can be used for measuring distances and positions with the use of a dot, line, or combination of several lines while spirit level tends to be more popular with locating an object. 

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For locating an object, a laser tool with a bubble vial that can be set against an object of interest and this is one sure way to ensure that your level is set correctly. With this setup, the spirit level is almost at per with laser levels when it comes to accuracy. Laser levels like line lasers or best rotary laser level for construction can focus light on the entire surface area instead of targeting a single object to measure an accurate level for applications.

Which is More Accurate, Laser, or Spirit Level?

When it comes to accuracy, it all depends on the type of levels you use. The average accuracy for spirit level is ¼” at every foot, whereas you can find the best rated laser level with an accuracy of up to 1/8 or 1/16” at between 33 and 100 ft. You can also use a laser detector to increase accuracy in laser level and that is the reason why laser level is more accurate and more effective than spirit level. A review of what is the best rated laser level on the market will give you more insight into the types of laser levels that offer the most accuracy and visibility in the market today.

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