How do injections of testosterone enanthate and HCG work?

by Cath wales (14.02.2023)

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Parenteral delivery of testosterone enanthate involves an intramuscular injection. It replaces the physiological actions of natural testosterone, including the development of the male reproductive system (testes and prostate) and the secondary male sexual traits (increased bone and muscle mass, and growth of facial hair).

The trophoblast cells of the placenta secrete human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) into the bloodstream. The transmembrane receptor used by this hormone to attach to theca and granulose cells of the ovaries is likewise used by the luteinizing hormone (LH/CG receptor).

Following the use of other medicinal agents for the stimulation of follicular growth, HCG is especially utilized to stimulate early luteinization and final follicular maturation. For instance, Purchase HCG injections can promote the maturation and release of an egg when an egg follicle is mature in the ovary.

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