Trim 14

by Francene Frayer (23.10.2020)

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The first thing you'd have  Trim 14 Review  to do was to make sure you didn't eat as much. Reducing your daily caloric intake by 500-600 (depending on how big you are) is a good start. Next, since muscle is essentially made up of protein, you need to make sure that your diet still has a high ratio of protein. Keeping your protein intake high will put you in a much better position to maintain muscle. The third - and possibly most important - thing is to get on a good exercise program that involves heavy weight training and some form of cardio. However, traditional cardio can cause muscle to break down pretty easily and quickly, so to get a cardio effect, one should do circuit training with heavy weights. In case you're unfamiliar, circuit training is simply just performing sets of many different exercises back to back without rest. So, you might do a set of presses, then a set of rows, then a set of chins, then a set of squats, etc. There are many benefits to this style of training. Mainly, you can get the effect of a good cardio workout (increased breathing and heartbeat). However, because you're using heavy weight training to stimulate this effect, muscle loss is minimized. Although this kind of training is intense, you can get a lot done in a short period of time, so you don't have to spend that long working out. This is good not only because will the workouts not take that long, but the intensity your body has to endure is minimized. Intense exercise is good, but when on a reduced calorie diet, it can be hard on the body. In fact, too much intense exercise on too strict of a diet (without other specific recovery methods in place) can result in your metabolism being thrown all out of whack.

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