by Reta retamasten Masten (21.10.2020)

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In order to understand how this is possible we can Individualogist start by referring to scripture and the instance in time that God took the children of Israel out of Egypt. Their decision to travel or stay in one place was determined by the cloud that rested over the tabernacle that they had built before God. When this cloud covered the tabernacle they rested and did not move. When this cloud was removed they traveled whether it was in daylight or darkness. Scripture also teaches us that as long as this cloud abode above the tabernacle, the children of Israel did not travel. This did not matter whether it abode for a short period of time or for a year they obeyed the commandment of the Lord of when to journey and not to.The interpretation of this is translated in our own lives when we worship God in truth and in spirit. We learn that our decision to move should not be determined by the length of time we have been in a place or the hour in which we decide to move. Our decision to move is not dependent on daylight or darkness. The fact is our decision to move is determined by listening to the voice of the Lord that directs our spirit telling us when it is time for us to move or otherwise. Moving on in the spirit is not just physical nor is it done by our worldly wisdom. It is a spiritual sense of awareness that is translated in our life through our actions and demeanor. It can be a change in perspective, attitude and understanding. For example if we always came into work late, this could be the cloud over our tabernacle. The instance we decide to start coming in early for no apparent reason at all this is the cloud taken away from us to move on. The reason for moving on spiritually does not have to be seen to be correct before man. It is a decision made through divine intervention.

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