Ultra Manifestation

by Francene Frayer (19.10.2020)

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They did not commence  Ultra Manifestation Review  their bold acts of faith with the hope of achieving the promise. They obeyed God. Their belief was such that God's wish was their simple command - willingly and gleefully accepted. This is a wholly-diligent faith that pleases God (Hebrews 11:6). Their belief was that God had prepared a better land for them; a city of God (Hebrews 11:16). By faith the heroes of faith achieved not what worldly people would consider an achievement. They achieved on a God-scale, which is measured on a different continuum, an entire realm of its own. Their achievements are counted significant in heaven. And This Means For Us? Faith will take us higher than anything else. It takes us beyond ourselves, to on the one hand scare us - as we look back over our shoulders - or on the other, to have us asking, "Where to next, God?" Faith is the absolute abandonment of the things of this world if they constrain us - for things entirely better... the unseen, unheard, still silent whisper of the LORD, our God - as echoed through the ages into our unique heart perspective. It is our opportunity to take hold of that thing that all our hearts truly yearn for - to have found it, having searched for it - that thing that is nothing really of us, but a passion all its own. In most scriptures and religious books, there is a mention of rebirth. According to such doctorines after death the soul takes a new form. It is believed that people who did noble deeds in life, they are reborn as human babies in better families. On the contrary people who did crimes and sins get reborn among the lower creatures like worms, insects or in other animals of the lower order.



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