Uncompromised Life

by Francene Frayer (12.10.2020)

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If success was all about setting <a href="https://supplementsbureau.com/uncompromised-life-review/"> Uncompromised Life Review </a> positive and precise goals developed through visualisation, developing appropriate strategies and taking actions, could not we all attain what we wanted? I could teach the principles of visualisation and practical steps to thousands of people, but not everyone will act on these, and act consistently. You can wish for a thing, but you are only ready for it when you believe that you can achieve this. The state of mind must be belief, not simply hope or wish. I have used the visualisation technique for several years now with hundreds of people in training and consulting work with clients, and have come across scores of sincere hard working people who would say that they find it hard to visualise, or the picture they see in their mind is not that bright and clear and inspiring. When we unearth the reasons, these generally boil down to some of the values or limiting beliefs they have. Some months ago I was coaching a consultant friend of mine who had set clear goals for his business, but it simply was not moving fast enough. The consulting work he does involves quite a lot of travel away from home. Although he enjoys travelling and the kind of work he undertakes, we discovered as we dug deeper that his strong family values had actually made him sometimes unhappy with his work, although consciously he (in agreement with his wife) has always tried to ignore this conflict between his family values and work demands as unimportant. But somewhere in the back of his mind this did persist, and whenever his creative mind tried to visualise the future, his mind's eye just refused to engage.

<a href="https://supplementsbureau.com/uncompromised-life-review/#What_is_Uncompromised_Life"> What is Uncompromised Life? </a>

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