Fungus Hack

by Francene Frayer (08.10.2020)

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The "cutting-edge" technology  Fungus Hack Review  that makes a pair of sneakers seem so comfortable is causing us harm by encouraging us to run incorrectly. By providing so much padding between our feet and the hard ground, running shoes make it comfortable to step with our heel first-a gait that would be extremely painful if done barefoot. This is an unnatural way to run and the constant pounding on our heels (no matter how cushioned our shoes) is something our bodies are not prepared for. The strange way our bodies move in running shoes is exactly why so many of us under and overpronate. Fortunately, the solution to under and overpronation is as simple as slipping a pair of custom orthotics into your shoes. Orthotics are insoles that slide into your shoe and are used to treat and prevent a number of common leg and foot disorders. Orthotics work by providing a wedge between your foot and the ground, keeping the foot stable. This is essentially the same function soft ground had when we step on it-keeping our feet from rolling too far in either direction. Custom orthotics are made with a mould of the foot, to result in the best possible fit. The philosophy behind these is that by creating an insole that fits to the foot, you are recreating the feel of soft, malleable ground. To get the best results while running, you should learn to run naturally-the way barefoot humans run on soft, malleable ground. When you start running in orthotics, pay attention to the balls of your feet: you want to land here, rather than on your heel. Keep your toes flexed and pointing forwards and your knees bent slightly.

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