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by Rosaria Wetzell (06.10.2020)

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Another of the benefits of DHA Up N Go Energy Review  Omega 3 products for seniors is the fact that they are quite high in anti-inflammatory properties. In fact if you buy your oil from the company that I buy mine from, you will have the additional benefit of having an oil that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils. This will help to alleviate the swelling and the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritic type diseases. There are thousands of people claiming that they can get by on less prescription type drugs, since they started on a course of these Omega 3 supplements. If you read on, I will tell you about a friend of mine who suffers terrible arthritic type pain. A friend of mine caught Ross River Fever while he was travelling in Australia. This gives him terrific pain. The doctors put him on pain killers, but nothing seemed to work. Then I recommended that he take extremely large doses of Omega 3 supplements. This has taken the pain down to a level that he says he can live with. Although his wife says that he still gets grumpy at times. I must tell you to not buy Omega 3 supplements that have not been through the process called molecular distillation to remove the impurities. These impurities are the heavy metals lead and mercury. And the toxins such as the PCBs. The oil that remains after this process will be as clean and pure as you can buy. This treatment is the only way to get rid of the cancer causing PCBs. I Love Natural Health I'm a huge fan of natural health and am always looking for things that can improve my health naturally and without side-effects. I don't like conventional drugs, although I do think they have their place, but very rarely. Even mainstream science is now urging people to look at using a multi-vitamin on a daily basis, because our food supply has been depleted out of nutrition, so many of our bodies are deficient. This can be extremely dangerous. How I Found the Best Multi-vitamin Brand I actually used one multi-vitamin brand for years before I found what was right for me. There's nothing wrong with using a product that you're comfortable with.


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