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Cenforce 100 Mg Follow the directions of your doctor. Take the whole tablet of 100 mg in the form. You should only take the tablet once per day. A cenforce 100 dosage is recommended for your first dose. However, 100mg can be used if you are over 18. Cenforce should only be taken as a single tablet. You should not chew or break the tablet. Follow the instructions of your doctor when using Cenforce. Cenforce 100mg should be administered 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to intercourse. For the drug to work, men must be sexually stimulated. You should not take this medicine within 24 hours. The drug is active for at least 4 to 5 hours. To treat mild, Cenforce 100Mg is used. Heart disease can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Many people consider it an excellent alternative to Viagra. It can be used to treat ED problems. The 100-mg dosage allows users to have erections without the need for sexual stimulation. This medicine is well-known for its exceptional properties and can be used by all ages. 

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