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Concrete pumping plays a vital role in the world of construction as it is the method that is used to place the cement for the foundations. This method incorporates a few different tools that are mainly truck or trailer mounted and can be moved from site to site. Other models that are mainly used in mines and remote locations are skid models.

One of the most common units used today is the boom design which makes use of a remote control robotic arm that allows the operator to place the material in precise locations with pinpoint accuracy. These units are generally mounted on the back of trucks or onto trailers that can be towed to different locations. Along with accuracy, this model delivers high pressure flow making it ideal for large construction jobs.

Another popular model is the line unit which uses multiple hoses connected together to place the cement where it is needed. This unit does not supply as much pressure as the boom model so it is mainly used in residential construction jobs. Like the boom unit the line unit is mounted to a trailer or a truck as well for easy transport.

Some of the less popular models are the skid designs and these units are built for underground applications. The skid units provide less pressure than either of the two truck mounted designs and can be adapted to run on rails or on skies or skids. Having tools such as these provides workers with access to liquid material for re-enforcing joists and other support structures underground.

The truck mounted pumps are connected to a mixing truck that supplies the cement to the pump unit. The boom is then used to place the materials in the desired location and can be done quite accurately. The line model uses the same techniques as the boom design and the skid model is connected to a smaller source so it can receive the materials in remote locations.

The tools above are designed to assist contractors in the application of liquid form cement that creates the foundations for the structures we live and work in. Other applications include the sidewalks we walk on and the swimming pools we swim in. With all the areas requiring this type of liquid, the technology for this field is growing and improving every day.

With the advancements being made within this field, the companies offering their services are able to do things for lower prices than before. This not only helps the customer but also helps the economy because more customers can afford to have the work done. When more customers have work done, that employs more people to complete the work and thus rolls back into the economy in the end.

Concrete pumping equipment can be found all over the world and are helping to rebuild cities everywhere. Without these themachines construction business would have a lot tougher time setting foundations for commercial and residential buildings. As the technology continues to advance it will be interesting what the next generation of pumps have to offer.

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