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by Francene Frayer (22.10.2020)

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As for how you can determine  Thyroid Rescue 911 Review  whether you have an iodine deficiency, the most accurate method is through an iodine loading test. This is a urine test that requires you to first take a 50mg iodine/iodide tablet, and then over a 24-hour period it is determined how much iodine is retained. Someone who is iodine deficient will retain a high percentage of the iodine that was consumed. According to those who developed this test, a person who takes this test and has a saturation lower than 90% has an iodine deficiency, and thus is a candidate for iodine supplementation. Another, less accurate way to determine whether someone has an iodine deficiency is through an Iodine Patch Test. This test requires painting a 2 x 2 inch square patch on the forearm, using a 3% iodine tincture. For someone who isn't iodine deficient, the patch should take over 24 hours to completely disappear. Someone who is mildly deficient will have the patch disappear between 13 and 24 hours. And if someone has the patch disappear in 12 hours or less, they are considered to be iodine deficient. While I don't recommend the Iodine Patch Test to my patients to diagnose an iodine deficiency, I do advise them to use it as a follow-up procedure. In other words, I'll recommend for someone to begin with both the iodine loading test and at the same time do an Iodine Patch Test, paying more attention to the results of the urine test. But I'll then have them do a follow-up iodine patch test on a monthly basis just to see if there are any significant changes, and then will recommend a follow-up iodine loading test after three months.

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