Ultra Manifestation

by Reta retamasten Masten (20.10.2020)

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When you act in the moment of receiving your Ultra Manifestation higher self's guidance, there will be a power available to you that won't necessarily be available at some later date. A window of opportunity is present and the window will close if you do not take action within a certain time period.What does this "power" look like? It could be that by following your inner guidance, you place yourself in a favorable synchronicity that puts you on the path of your higher life purpose, or it could be that you experience a sign from the universe that sparks a new insight, it could be that you stumble upon an ideal place to live, or it could mean a chance meeting with someone who offers you a much-needed job.We are at a time in humanity's evolution where you will need to follow your inner guidance more and more, because the old ways of doing things will no longer work.When I was a point in my life where the normal ways of doing things were no longer working (and I recognized the need to search deeper for the answers to my problems), the Counsel of Light had made it clear to me the importance of following through with my inner guidance in the moment.


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