by Reta retamasten Masten (29.09.2020)

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Just because you've lost the weight doesn't mean you LumaSlim can stop working out. One of the keys to maintaining weight is to continue to be active. It's easy to burn off a few extra calories by moving each day. Keep in mind, activity for weight maintenance is a different story then when you are still losing weight. We use daily fitness in maintenance mode to keep our bodies in check, condition the heart and lungs, improve strength and endurance and keep our calorie intake/expenditure in balance.Healthy eating sits at the top of our list as you need quality nutrition (un-processed foods) to support your energy levels and get your fat storing/fat burning hormones back into good balance if fat loss is one of the goals expected from your fitness program.Next on the list comes strengthening exercise and yes, it is above cardio activity. Many people think that cardio type activity (long duration, low intensity) as the primary form of exercise is going to get you into good physical shape or help you lose weight but that is a very old misleading myth. To boost the metabolism muscles need to be worked directly under a load and taken through their ranges of movement.The health of the metabolism (the body's engine) is determined on the condition of the muscular system and there is simply not enough muscle building and maintaining activity in our modern world which is why two thirds of us are overweight to one degree or another. So, your fitness program is centered around a proper strength training program 2-3 times each week.

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