Meridian Health Protocol

by Reta retamasten Masten (28.10.2020)

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It is not enough just to love and not believe, Meridian Health Protocol because loving without God in our hearts does not have the supernatural power of loving with God in our hearts. Loving without God is like drinking low alcohol beer. We get the fizz but none of the buzz. All our endeavours are like bubbles that go pop the moment they are out of our reach. True Godly love drives us across stormy seas, leads us into battle against enemies of God, inspires us to do anything we can to protect those who are most vulnerable. Only by loving with God in our hearts do we get the correct perspective on love. A shiny car is fun to drive. But without a good engine it is only show. The sixties showed us how to love. But it was a love without God. It is time to chip away at the veneer of our political correct love, and get beneath into the real thing.This is particularly important for those of you who feel any stress, at any time. You have the ability and fortitude, plus the partnership with a Higher Power, to dismiss all of the issues that may be holding you back. Today, stand tall and face the Golden Light. Let all people know that you are ready to embrace and draw to you a quality and strength that you may not have capitalized on in the past. It is a new day; a new dawning of optimistic love and enlightenment!

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