7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Reta retamasten Masten (29.10.2020)

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Reading holy books every day for a few minutes will 7 Day Prayer Miracle remind man constantly of his own divine connection with God and will urge him to gradually understand that the material world is not eternal. Holy books not only teach us about God's ways and rules, but they are a great comfort during troubled times.Peace. Real peace. Does such a thing even exist? Yes, according to the Bible, it does. It comes from God, Who is the God of Peace. And, because of Jesus, it is available to anyone who determines to walk in the Will of God. Peace means rest and tranquility, even when the storms of life are raging. It is living in a realm above the negative situations of life, not because you are never confronted with them, but because you know that your God and Father is more than able to handle whatever comes your way. Having the peace of God is a powerful spiritual weapon to keep you and I from being devoured of the adversary of men's souls. With this weapon we can stand against him regardless of what he attempts to bring at us. We will always defeat his tricks and deceptions if we learn how to walk in the peace of God.


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