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by Francene Frayer (13.10.2020)

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At a certain point in the  Blood Sugar Premier Review  illness the child may actually refuse fluid and food, adding to the increasing state of dehydration and malnutrition. Other symptoms include dry skin, blurred vision, and sores that are slow to heal. More commonly in children, tiredness and bed-wetting are the chief complaints that prompt parents to take their child to the physician. The child may be hyperglycemic, with elevated blood glucose levels and glucose in the Urine; may be in diabetic ketosis, with ketones as well as glucose in the urine but not noticeably dehydrated; may be in diabetic keto-acidosis, with dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and acidosis. Observation and testing are important to the diagnosis of diabetes in children. If children demonstrate glycosuria, are overweight, or exhibit symptoms of hypoglycemia, they are candidates for glucose tolerance testing. The Urine test will show positive glucose only when the disease is actually manifest. The negative urine test does not necessarily rule our early diabetes, nor does a positive test necessarily indicate diabetes. Renal glycosuria, unrelated to diabetes, can result in glucose in the urine. The fasting blood glucose test may miss the diagnosis of early diabetes and has been known to miss as many as 85% of children who has an abnormal glucose tolerance test with asymptomatic disease. The 4-hour glucose tolerance test has been found to be the most successful test for the diagnosis of early diabetes, whereas the 6-hour glucose tolerance test is more helpful for the diagnosis os hypoglycemia. Based on norms established for normal, non-diabetic children or various ages, the criteria for the diagnosis of early diabetes is two or more abnormal range.

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