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by Francene Frayer (07.10.2020)

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The fast food industry  GRS Ultra Review  continues to flourish, why? Well we continue to consume their unhealthy food at alarming rates, which provides opportunity for them to expand their menus to provide even more unhealthy food. Its no wonder that obesity in our children has become a major concern in our society. We spend 62 billion dollars annually on dieting in our attempts to achieve the best body we can, but we are still an overweight society. None of the programs are sustainable, some people do not lose any weight, some very little, some none at all. Counting calories: This is difficult and confusing, so they do not stay on the diet for long. Low calorie diets: These diet foods generally have more calories, so you may gain even more weight Starvation diets: Unhealthy for you body. There is no nutritional value. Prepackage foods: These foods are not good for you, they are worst than the food you can cook at home, and they will run hundreds of dollars a month. Hollywood diets: probably the worst, with water diets, secret potions, cookie and syrup diets. There is no nutritional value at all. What are the solutions? One area that we seem to be putting emphasis is on is promoting the need for more exercise, which is good. A lot of heath and exercise clubs have sprung up over the last decade. This is only half the answer. We need to develop better eating habits and diets Unless we change our habits regarding what and how we eat, and stop consuming fast food, rich foods in restaurants and junk foods, and start eating more nutritious meals at home so our children begin to develop good eating habits, its going to be difficult to change the landscape of our population.


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