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by Francene Frayer (05.10.2020)

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Magnesium is best known for Up N Go Energy Review its role in preventing and reversing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. Magnesium assists the body absorb and use calcium. It also affects the various hormones in the body that influence bone density and calcium absorption. Getting plenty of magnesium helps increase bone density but helping the body utilize calcium more efficiently. Excess calcium can migrate into the muscles, leading to cramps and pain. It can also move into the kidneys where it solidifies forming kidney stones. Getting adequate magnesium makes sure that more of this calcium is used and may help prevent kidney stones. Magnesium also plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure and may help prevent hypertension. Doctors believe this is because magnesium relaxes the smooth muscle tissue responsible for dilating the arteries. By relaxing this muscle, magnesium may help prevent high blood pressure. It also seems to work alongside potassium in regulating the blood pressure. Magnesium deficiency may also be a contributing factor in type 2 or adult-onset diabetes. Magnesium is an important element in the metabolism of carbohydrates. A deficiency of magnesium can lead to a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when the enzyme responsible for regulating blood sugar no longer works as efficiently. It takes the much more insulin to lower the blood sugar in this case. Insulin resistance eventually can lead to type 2 diabetes. By getting plenty of magnesium, the body's ability to break down and utilize carbohydrates will be improved and this may help prevent diabetes later on.


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