7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Rosaria Wetzell (30.10.2020)

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Korah wanted to maintain a 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  government by group council. He did this, not in the fear of the Lord, nor to protect God's interest, but for the sake of his own variance and emulation. Korah tried to set standards for Moses and declared that they no longer needed Moses' leadership once the threat of Pharaoh was past. Korah held many meetings where he incited the elders to speak against God's anointed. (Numbers 16) We see today the same spirit at work in the church today. Just as Korah withstood Moses, trying to reform his thinking, many are playing the adversary to apostles today. Challenging God's choice of leadership they defend their right to choose their own elected officials. Their justification is, "We have the Bible!' Apparently God did not agree with the argument of Korah and his company, for they died in the wilderness and were left behind. They insulted the God of Moses by chiding with Moses on every turn. They thought they had the inside word, but forgot about the one that gave the word to them. Diotrephes' Ministry: Outside of Covenant We have further examples of this spirit of variance and emulation in the New Testament. About 1500 years after the Korah incident, Diotrephes, a bishop, decided to take the knowledge of God (which the chief elder John taught him) into his own ministry. Diotrephes had the same mind-set as Korah and this is why the Spirit of God elected to include his rebellion against Apostle John in the Bible. God elects Diotrephes for a negative role model even as He assigned Jezebel's ministry in Revelation 2: 20. Diotrephes, falling victim to Korah's mind-set, found no reason for the continual presence of the apostle John and worked against him. What view should the church take in regard to Korah and Diotrephes? Look at how John interpreted Diotrephes actions in this following verse: "I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes , who loveth to have the pre-eminence among them, receiveth us not."


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