GS-85 Blood Sugar

by Francene Frayer (30.10.2020)

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People who are overweight or GS-85 Blood Sugar Review obese need to check periodically for the development of resistance to insulin which would be evident from the tests for pre-diabetes. Moreover, anyone with a family history must do regular tests especially after the age of 40-45 years. Those who have a history of hypertension and are physically inactive are also susceptible candidates. Those having diabetes will exhibit noticeable symptoms like excessive thirst, increased urination and excess hunger. This is because the body is unable to utilize the excess glucose present in the blood. Along with that, the desperate attempt to eliminate the surplus glucose results in polyuria. But instead of depending on the clinical history, laboratory tests provide reliable results. The commonly used tests for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes include: Fasting Plasma Glucose test The test is recommended to be done in the morning to obtain the most accurate results. The blood sample is taken from the person who fasts for the minimum eight hours. Those having plasma glucose levels of 100 to 125 mg/dl after eight hours of fasting can be categorized as pre-diabetics. Values consistently above 125 mg/dl clearly indicate diabetic condition. Glucose Tolerance Test Glucose tolerance test is used to diagnose pre-diabetic stage accurately, even though used to detect diabetic state as well. After the fasting period of eight hours, the parson drinks water containing 75 gms glucose.


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