Backyard Revolution

by Reta retamasten Masten (29.10.2020)

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The solar plexus is a well known target for Backyard Revolution proponents of organized fighting and with good reason. This is not the easiest of self defense techniques to learn but it is shockingly effective. In layman's terms, the solar plexus is the bony area above the stomach and below the rib cage. Striking this area accurately may take some practice, but when you connect your attacker will be in a world of hurt. This is the famous spot that knocks the wind out of people.Buying a martial arts DVD will teach you all of the above and more. Instead of spending money foolishly on junk food or a pair of shoes you don't really need, why not pay what is needed for a DVD that will show you the sort of techniques that could keep you away from trouble as well as saving on hospital bills!It is arguably worse to involve yourself in a bad self defence training course than it is to stay at home on the sofa. This is because at least when you're at home and not in training, you are not fooling yourself into thinking that you are tough and capable. When you have learned a host of self defense tactics from a martial arts course or self defense DVD you assume that you are better at fighting than you actually are. Too many of these productions have deeply flawed philosophies which will be brutally exposed when the time comes to test things out. And you better believe that the middle of a violent assault on your person is not the place to find out your techniques stink!

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